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Anatomy of a DUI

"After a DUI arrest, a lot of anxiety comes from not knowing what's going to happen, and what you should do next. So, to help, here's a flow chart showing where you are, and where you're headed"

-Jake, Mendocino County DUI Lawyer

Anatomy of a Mendo DUI

Anatomy Flowchart of Mendocino DUI

Click image above to view or download Jake's Anatomy of a Mendocino County DUI

The DUI Anatomy Flowchart

For those people who don’t want to read a lot of text but would rather see a diagram explanation of the entire Mendocino County DUI process, Jake searched the internet for a diagram which can show how it all starts, where a person arrested for DUI is in the process, and what can happen next.

He didn’t find anything adequate and decided to write his own flowchart depicting all kinds of directions which a DUI case may take, from police stop and DUI arrest to Ukiah or Fort Bragg court appearances, and from the pink temporary license to Santa Rosa DMV hearing to driving again.

Where to Begin?

To start understanding your situation, begin with this Anatomy of a DUI flowchart.

Next, look at our Top 10 Questions from Everyone (and afterwards, if applicable, read the Top Questions from Non-Residents, or Minors/Parents, or Multiple Offenders).

Next, read our 10 Tips for the First 48 Hours After Arrest. Jake's remaining DUI lawyer Tips articles on this website about "Fighting Your DUI Case," "Easing the Consequences of a DUI," and "Getting Your License Back," as well as the large DUI "Resources" sections, will become useful in the later stages of a typical Ukiah DUI case, as shown on the DUI Anatomy flowchart.

All of these information links can always easily be found at the top of each page of this Mendocino County DUI attorney website.

Arrests Prior to January 1, 2019

Our 2020 Anatomy of a Mendocino DUI flowchart is an updated discussion of issues related to DUI arrests (arrest date, not conviction date) occuring on or after January 1, 2019. For a discussinon of issues related to Mendocino DUI arrests prior to 2019, click on this Pre-2019 Anatomy of a Mendocino DUI.

Select the image (left) to see a typical 2019 Ukiah DUI arrest from start to finish, including various outcomes depending on a variety of situations and developments, drafted by a good, experienced, local Mendocino County DUI lawyer.


Any result portrayed was dependent on the facts of that case, and the results will differ if based on different facts.

Our DUI Lawyers

Dave Jake Schwartz is an Honors Graduate from UC Hastings Law School, and UC Davis, former Federal Judicial Clerk, and Nationally Qualified Sobriety Tests Practitioner. Member of the California Bar for 30 years, North Bay resident for over 20 years, handles only DUI cases, including thousands of North Bay DUIs and DMV hearings: first/multiple offenders, minors, seniors, tourists, undocumented immigrants, veterans, probation violations, suspended license, public intoxication, open container, minor in possession, child endangerment, collisions, hit and run, evading, resisting arrest.


Dave Jake Schwartz