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5. May I drive in California now?

Mendocino DUI Pink Temporary

If someone is validly licensed and insured prior to a Mendocino County DUI arrest, and if the police officer took the arrestee's license, confiscated it, and failed to return it to the driver, and instead handed them a "Pink Temporary License," then typically most people may drive with that pink temporary license for 30 days from the date of arrest.

Usually a local Ukiah DUI attorney can help extend that first 30-day pink license for at least another 30-90 days or more, until we know the outcome of any license suspension exposure in the Mendocino DUI case (both in court and at the separate DMV hearing). In addition, the best Mendocino DUI lawyers can, and do, beat DMV cases, avoiding any required time off the road at all.

If you are licensed outside the state of California, then, even though you may see that the Pink Temporary License states "this temporary license does not provide you with any driving privileges if you do not have a California driver license," nonetheless you have the same right to a hearing and a stay (postponement) of any suspension of privileges as does a California licensee (CVC 13552).

Therefore, Mendocino County DUI attorneys usually advise non-California licensees that the best way to continue driving in California is to ask a Mendocino County DUI lawyer to request the DMV hearing within ten days of a DUI arrest (this process is briefly described on the face of the pink temporary license) in order to stop the automatic suspension of California driving privileges until the entire incident and supporting documentation can be examined by a local Ukiah lawyer to determine if there are any viable defenses.

If your Ukiah DUI attorney successfully obtains this postponement of suspension, then typically your driving privileges in California are extended until your matter is resolved with either an outright win, or at least with a more controlled and individually timed reimposition of a temporary suspension. Watch our Mendocino DUI lawyer video short about the pink temporary license by clicking here: Jake's Short Instruction Video. Click on Ten Tips for the First 48 Hours After Arrest on this site for a more detailed discussion about the Pink Temporary License and Contacting the DMV, and click on Anatomy of a DUI on this site for a typical view of the entire DUI process. Consult with a Mendocino County DUI lawyer about your specific case.


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